Sunday, November 8, 2009

Someone like me

I finally found someone like me.. A blessing and a curse. An angel in disguise, a heart so free, but he flies so far away from me.. Unable to grasp you, unable to see.. blinded by your love that wont let me be.
I finally found someone like me in so many ways.. When I think about it, it hits me differently more and more each day. We've joked, we've sighed, we've laughed and cried, we've put up walls and carefully let them down. We've done all this only God knows how.
Our loves like a dream.. too good to be true.. I don't know how I didn't see it coming.. or even how I fell for you.. Thinking I could have a love that was finally mine.. I guess it was all in my mind. Thinking I could fix something once broken and keep it for all time. Mending your heart with mine I think was my crime. Silly me, I should of known you could never be mine.
Same attributes yet different signs. How is it that I'm not yours and your not mine. Maybe it was never meant to be.. Maybe it was just a lie.. Hopefully I'll find my someone like me again and forever be mine..

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