Monday, February 22, 2010

I call him "Peanut"

Since the moment I laid eyes on him.. I fell in love.. I held him in my arms and experienced an indescribable feeling of joy, sadness, and faith that overwhelmed me. Took a breath and cried..

I remain abiding by my oath as I made when I baptized him. I will let nothing get in my way of being the shoulder he needs to lean on when he feels empty, the hands he needs when the world's weight is on his shoulders, and the ear he should vent to when he needs clarity.

I can never experience any kind of sadness when look into his angel eyes.. Just laughter and joy of this little being so loving and kind. Words cant describe the genuine happiness of being his Godmother. Nor, can anyone ever take that away from me.

Through thick n thin.. Good times n bad.. I will always remain his Madrina for as long as I stand. Till the day I die... I will forever be his.. n he will forever be mine.. This is for "Peanut" the apple of my eye..

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