Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear To My Heart..

Never thought I would pursue becoming a model. It's was one of my dreams since I was a little girl. I remember my father wanting to put me in modeling, but I was ridiculously shy back then. I always loved to take pictures though. Always smiled for the camera and was photogenic. Even though I'm not the average models height.. I don't let that discourage me.. I have a lot to show for and a unique aura about me that can light up a room. I would say I get that part from my papa ;-)... He had an aura that attracted people to him. Friendly personality (but don't cross him the wrong way), generous, kind hearted, and always loved to help others. Although he wasn't perfect.. I know at the end of his days he really would have liked to have been for us (Mom, Gary & Me). He introduced me to the beauty of art.. I would paint with him and admire some of the breath taking pieces he would create, and wish I could one day be as good as him... Though I am good in abstract work, he would take your very breath away with a simple portrait. He had an eye for fantasy art. Which is why I think I love fairies so much. He was my mentor when it came to the arts.. Showed me insight of the beauty of a simple pose.. I LOVE ART and all that it consist of.. Some people will look at certain things that are not so appealing to the eye as other pieces. But, if you look hard enough and open your mind. You will find the beauty of it. For me art is a mind opener. A kind of meditation if you will... If you can open your mind and see the beauty in something so simple. It can be compared to reality in the sense that, you can open your mind and see your flaws and realize what you can do to make you a better person. That's how art has worked for me. Though not all people are like me or as open minded, they should try it... It's an eye opener.. I PROMISE! In any event, at this current moment in my life.. I am attacking opportunities that come my way especially in the arts. Fashion is my #1 Passion!... and everything else falls after. I had to find myself again. Like most things in life, you always have to go through something dramatic in your life to wake you up! Which in a way I am really grateful for cause it made me remember what I let go of that I love! My dad was always a fashion lover. He had a unique style that none can compare.. I admired him for his style and how cool he was in whatever he wore! I believe unknowingly I wanted to be like him in that aspect. I wanted to be unique and different like him. When I walk into a room I wanna grab peoples attention. That's a wonderful thing if someone can do that effortlessly!! He didn't even have to try... It just was that easy for him!... I believe I've carried down those traits. I don't have to dress extra to get noticed. My grace, personality, and smile does it all.. I've never been so content with who I've become to be in life.. Until now.. I'm beautiful inside and out.. in which, I must thank both of my parents for.. Even though life for me is still a working progress. I am content and determined to make it to where I need to be... With the artistic mind of my mentor (my father) and love & happiness in my heart... I'm gonna be just fine... I wanna take this time to dedicate this modeling contest I'm in to you daddy... I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU WERE AND NOTHING LESS! YOUR ALWAYS WITH ME IN EVERYTHING I DO... THIS IS FOR YOU....
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Thank you everyone for those who have supported me XOXO!

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