Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poetry in love

Love, the essence of what I feel.. The movement of my body.. The pitch in my voice.. The sound of two beings connected as one...
You know when you've found it... You know when it's real.. You think about it and ponder how is this possible you received a great steal.
Just one look and a thousand emotions rush through you. It's the inevitable, the unavoidable, the meaning of what is genuine and incomparable inside. The love that has stood out from all others. It is the serenity, the friendship, the laughter, the truth, and the way your heart skips a beat every time you say "I Love You too".
No matter how the wind blows you can't seem to turn away.. Love is a battlefield, something worth fighting for everyday!
As long as it's REAL! Love NEVER DIES!.. As long as we're here... in our hearts it will remain alive..
This Love won't go away... Because REAL LOVE grows everyday..
You can't run from it nor can you hide.. So embrace it as it comes, because without it you'll just be living a lie...

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